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Painting Services for Snohomish and North King County

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Protect and beautify your home - inside and out
Home improvement season is here and now is the time to check around and assess your painting needs. Custom colors and quality work will make your house look new again. Maintaining your home will prevent more costly repairs down the road and will keep it looking great for years to come. A new paint job is the most cost effective way to protect, beautify and increase the value of your home.
Here are some of the ways we offer value!
  • Hand painting only - Hand application allows the paint to be worked into the surface, creating a superior bond and longer lasting paint job.

  • Locally owned since 1971.

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured.

For a free estimate and full consultation on all of your painting needs, please call today at (206) 963-2266 or fill in this form.

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Our Painting Process
  • Washing - All surfaces are hand scrubbed, using a bleach / water solution.

  • Project Preparation - Every job site is protected prior to prep work and painting. Drop cloths are applied to any area that needs protection.

  • Surface Preparation - All areas of loose or peeling paint are scraped and any loose boards are secured. If the surface is not properly prepared, the primer and finish coat will not bond correctly.

  • Spackling, Caulking and Priming - Any surface that requires it is spackled or caulked and primeproper to the final coat. We only use products designed for the surface being painted.

  • Finish Coat Application - All surfaces are hand painted using the brush and roller technique. We do not use spray equipment on any project. This ensures proper coating to areas a sprayer would normally miss. Hand painting results in durable finish coat and a long lasting paint job.

  • Clean Up - The job site is kept tidy on a daily basis and all equipment is removed upon completion of the project. (We will not leave a mess behind).